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Check out our results results which includes a sensation multi winner with our optional daily 0.1pt multi to assist in making +£1,780.17 in only 4-days:

18/08/2023 (5/5 Winners +£365.00)

18/04/2023 - 14:25 Epsom - Tokyo Dreamer 41/5 - PLACED @ 8/1 +£15.00

18/04/2023 - 15:35 Epsom - Gilbert 23/2 - PLACED @ 12/1 +£35.00

18/04/2023 - 16:53 Thirsk - Quintus Maximus 38/5 - PLACED @ 16/1 +£55.00

18/04/2023 - 17:20 Cork - Clever And Cool 9/1 - WON @ 20/1 +£625.00

18/08/2023 - Optional Multi (Four-Fold) 0.1pts - WON +£551.92

17/08/2023 (1/4 Winners +£365.00)

17/08/2023 - 18:00 Windsor - Show Me Show Me 44/5 - WON @ 8/1 +£240.00

17/08/2023 - 18:30 Windsor - Chealamy 15/1 - LOST -£50

17/08/2023 - 20:42 Ayr - Two Rivers 41/5 - LOST -£50

17/08/2023 - Optional Multi (Treble) 0.1pts - LOST -£5

16/08/2023 (2/4 Winners +£365.00)

16/08/2023 - 13:45 Salisbury - Diamond Cottage 41/5 - LOST -£50

16/08/2023 - 15:45 Beverley - How Bizarre 8/1 - WON @ 13/2 +£165.75

16/08/2023 - 19:30 Kempton - Tahitian Prince 169/20 - PLACED 13/2 +£7.50

16/08/2023 - 20:10 Gowran Park - Voice Of Reason 9/1 - VOID - NON-RUNNER +£0

16/08/2023 - Optional Multi (Four-Fold) 0.1pts - LOST -£5

15/08/2023 (1/4 Winners +£365.00)

15/08/2023 - 17:25 Newcastle - Her Way 21/2 - LOST -£50

17:40 Chelmsford - Glencalvie 9/1 - LOST -£50

15/08/2023 - 19:30 Newcastle - Pop Favorite 21/2 - WON 10/1 +£300.00

15/08/2023 - Optional Multi (Treble) 0.1pts - LOST -£5

9 winners - 8 losers - 52.94% profit-rate (In Only 4-Days)

+£1,780.17 since the 15th August 2023

Get Ready To Be Dazzled When Profound Betting Profits Open Up BIG!

This is not a run-of-the-mill horse racing system that you have stumbled upon. This is in fact, the science and mathematics of horse racing to make you money from a dedicated automated strategy that filters out winning value tips on a daily basis.

Are you sick of non functioning betting systems?

Tired of wasting money on losing tipsters?

Does your head hurt from complex betting software & systems with nothing to show?

What you will find here:

A proven scientific approach to selecting automated value picks on a daily basis

The strategy is run from David Crofts computer every morning and then sent over to Best System bets to deliver to it's members.

Requires less than 2 minutes per day to pull out Rock solid profits

Value Odds Selections

Works with all the UK/IRE Horse Racing bookmakers online & offline.

Works every single day, all year round.

Dear Struggling Punter,

Have you ever wondered why your betting bankroll is always diminishing and needs to be replenished time and time again? I am sure you are trying to find the keys to the secret door to make you money on punting.

You have probably tried your hands on several over-hyped horse racing systems, only to turn out a loser in the end.

You are sandwiched between the bookmakers and Internet marketers

Please don’t indulge in self pity or blame yourself for the losses. Believe it or not, but the bookmakers only see you as an object to extract money from.

After all, they win only if you lose. Do you know that the bookmakers ban your account if you win too much? Doesn’t it click to you that the bookies want you to lose so as to fill up their pockets?

Ok, what about the Internet Marketers?

Ah… Probably they were selling coffee yesterday; today they are into betting strategies and tomorrow will be an another day! They are all into selling and they don’t want you to win.

Why? Because if you and many others like you get successful in punting, who’s going to buy their unproven systems & softwares week after week?

You are probably trying to find out where you went wrong.

You have spent endless hours, used different systems- backing, laying, placing and so forth, and still you aren’t making an impressive income.

Why? The nexus of the bookmakers and internet marketers have created cobwebs to blur the true picture. You have been fed lies, and nothing but lies. Let’s try and clear out these misconceptions right away:

Check out our results on the day of the Grand National where we picked up the Grand National winner and made +£365.00:

15/04/2023 (2/4 Winners +£365.00)

15/04/2023 - 14:25 Aintree - Mexico 41/5 - LOST -£50

15/04/2023 - 15:35 Aintree - Sire Du Berlais 8/1 - WON +£195.00

15/04/2023 - 16:15 Aintree - Darrens Hope 14/1 - LOST -£50

15/04/2023 - 17:15 Aintree - Corach Rambler 11/1 - WON +£270.00

2 winners - 2 losers - 50.00% profit-rate

+£365.00 on the 15th April 2023

Let Me Go Through 4 Deadly Mistakes That Most Punters Fall Victim To…

1. Backing Winners Based On Form

I am sure you have been laying too much importance on form, thanks to the bookies and the media. Form is nothing but a collection of data on a current horse’s performance.

Agreed, form is one of the more important factors in deciding the outcome of a race, but believe me, there are several other factors that can override form.

Unfortunately, ‘form’ is blown out of proportion by the media and the bookies. The bookies cash in on this frenzy while quoting price.

Does this ring a bell? The newspaper and the tipsters too add their ‘Expert opinion’ and that’s enough to over shadow your opinion too!

What happens is, too many people bet on the horse in form and as a result, it won’t get you juicy profits. To put it in perspective, let’s check out how the favorites fare in the year 2010.

Well, on an average, 34% of the favourites made it to the top. That means if you bet on favourites looking at the form, 66% of the time you would lose!

Again, if you look at the statistics of how the favourites performed in The Selling Handicap (Flat) in 2010, the result is a dismal 22%.

So if you bet on a favourite in The Selling Handicap (flat) race, there was a 78% probability for you to lose.

2. Tips From Newspaper and Media Gurus

Looks like ‘Gurus’ are available by the dozen. Innocent punters like to go with the wind, because that’s the most natural thing to do. Ok, now just do paper trading for a couple of days. You will arrive at your own statistics!!!

If you take some of the noted Newspaper Tipsters, and bet on every selection they gave, you would have lost as much as £10,000 in a single year for staking just £10 on each selection!

3. Believing a Top Notch Jockey or Trainer is the key to success

Here comes another myth that gets in the way of your success. Most people believe that if a top jockey is riding a particular horse, his chances of winning are improved.

Although having a top jockey can improve a horse’s performance to some extent, statistics reveal that the strike rate of top jockey Frankie Dettori is 22%. Out of 481 runs, he won only 104 races. The same goes for top trainers.

4. Bookmakers

Having the ability to choose the right bookmaker can make all the difference between walking home with money or going broke.

Betfair, the big daddy of betting has played a pivotal role in removing money from your pocket. You pay a whopping 17% extra every time you bet through them.

Punting successfully depends on complex factors such as:


Form of the horse


Type of race (Whether it is Maiden, Stakes, Handicap hurdle, etc)


Number of runners in the race


The distance of the race


The region and the race course


Number of previous runs


Position in the race


Weight, age and sex of the horse


Age of the horse in comparison to other horses in the race


Jockey and trainer, their background and track record

Horse Racing Betting is not a game of chance. It involves maths!!!

Horse racing betting is dependant on several complex features, many of them are intangible.

It involves calculations, permutation and combination, before you can choose a horse to bet on. It is definitely not a 10 minute job!

Get Ready to Earn Explosive Income from betting on autopilot: Stop...


Spending your time studying form, newspapers tips


Wasting time on nerve breaking statistics


Trying to get the hang of complex software, stupid horse racing systems and useless tipster services

Once you have the correct mathematical formula for selecting the winner, your account will grow automatically, and effortlessly

From now on, you will be able to bet the way professionals do it. You will be part of the pro punters clan, and you don’t even have to lift a finger to do it.

You will end up with an ever growing betting account…with tax free funds streaming in bet after bet. You don't have to get ripped off by betfair commissions on every bet if you don't wish to do so : ) but the choice is yours and betfair will also take a battering by using Amazing Selector

My students are generating wealth with my Amazing Selector Formula

Let me introduce myself properly.

I am David Croft, and I have been a racing enthusiast ever since I was legally allowed to bet.

After the astounding success of my rags to riches story, my offline students were begging me to share my spreadsheet formula with them.

And that’s why I am here, To be completely honest with you, I have tasted failure in my initial years.

I found some incredible friends back then, who bailed me out of my miserable, “almost broke” condition and gave me tips on how to actually make horse racing a profitable venture.

They continued to feed me with tips and gradually, I began to learn the ropes of the trade. I started understanding what factors are more important and which should be ignored.

I learnt how the single most important factor can overrule all other criteria… It wasn’t easy… I was actually getting heady with so many numbers, so many complex factors each having a different bearing on the final winner.

"I started putting down everything on a spreadsheet."

I started working backwards.

I started with the past 12 months results of all the races that took place in UK, and against the winner, I would start jotting down the details-

Each minute detail, the details appearing on the race card, the demographics of the horse, the location and the time of the race, bearing of jockeys and trainers in the race, the form, and everything else that could have an impact on the race was there in the spreadsheet.

Then, against each of the winners, I jotted down additional data such as the number of times the horse won, the other horses in the race and so forth.

And finally, after 3 months of sheer hard work, I discovered the trump card… I tried using my formula to paper trade a few bets… I was like you, and moreover I didn’t have the heart to lose money.

I showed it to my punter friends. They tweaked it up and fine tuned it to make it ruthless and fool proof. Since we were all amazed by the power of my spreadsheet formula, we called it Amazing Selector!

Check out a sensational weekend of results where we made +£1,337.50:

08/01/2023 (2/3 Winners +£475.00)

08/01/2023 - 14:40 Wincanton - Gold Souk 10/1 - LOST -£50

08/01/2023 - 13:30 Southwell - Glorious Angel 16/1 - WON +£500.00

08/01/2023 - 13:10 Lingfield - Poetic Force 44/5 - PLACED @ 13/2 +£25.00

07/01/2023 (3/4 Winners +£862.50)

07/01/2023 - 12:05 Sandown - I Have A Voice 9/1 - WON @ 14/1 +£700.00 (WIN Only Market, EW option not available)

07/01/2023 - 13:10 Lingfield - Poetic Force 44/5 - WON @ 13/2 +£195.00

07/01/2023 - 14:40 Wincanton - Gold Souk 10/1 - LOST -£50

07/01/2023 - 18:00 Kempton - Chloellie 39/5 - PLACED @ 17/2 +£17.50

3 winners - 2 placed - 2 losers - 71.42% profit-rate

+£1,337.50 over the 7th& 8th January 2023

Amazing Selector: The Incredible 'Automated' Betting System delivered as a daily Service...

We are not talking about a phoney betting software with a few lines of code programmed into it or even a rehashed horse racing system given as a pdf. 

Amazing Selector is a 100% mathematical approach to horse racing betting. It is truly matchless-in performance and ease of operation. There’s absolutely nothing close to my Amazing Selector.

The Road To Punting Riches & Success is a Short/Straight Drive!

Amazing Selector will empower you with the best selections to squeeze out every last drop of betting profits. And I want to help you in every way I can.

Betfair has been very unkind in its approach to the betting community.

It appears that the only agenda of Betfair is to suck the blood of innocent punters. Come, let’s put an end to their virtual monopoly

The Amazing Selector System:

Formula picks up 3-4 selections per day

100% Automatic 'Value' Strategy

Gets you rock solid value odds selection

Needs less than a minute per day

No betting skills needed

Works with all bookmakers that accept UK/IRE horse racing bets

User friendly tips service

Hosted & Delivered by the Best System Bets platform

You have read what my students said when we sold the version 1.0 of the strategy back in 2010 and the new and improved tipster service where we automate the selection process makes Amazing Selector even more user-friendly and profitable.

So, how does Amazing Selector fare against competitor’s?

Well, there is no competition! I am not one of the internet marketers.

I am a racing enthusiast and I spend a lot of my time and effort to find something new, something better to improve my betting gains.

You see, I do punting for a living. So, I am continuously on the look out to see if something exciting,  a truly great product has appeared on the horizon.

Sadly, there is not a single system, guide or any thing else that is close any way to Amazing Selector. I have spent night after night setting up the system, putting down every minute detail, checking that it works as desired.

You can either try from a scratch, or work like a zombie to try and set up a new system as efficient as mine. It will likely cost you a few years and of course a few thousand, and still there would be no guarantee that the system would work as effectively as mine.

Do you have the time and the patience to do that?

You'll Know How To Make Serious Money Each Day Using A Unique Betting Process

The UK’s Favourite Value Service

You Get ONE Selection Per Day

Avg. Odds of Between 11/2 - 17/1

Tips Delivered Daily Via Email

Hosted by Best System Bets

You can either try from a scratch, or work like a zombie to try and set up a new system as efficient as mine. It will likely cost you a few years and of course a few thousand, and still there would be no guarantee that the system would work as effectively as mine.

Do you have the time and the patience to do that?

This is the easiest, simplest and safest way to pile up HUGE profits from otherwise ‘Touch Me Not Betting Selections’


Improve your strike rate with my push button, plug and play formula


Get the professional edge in punting


Works perfectly for newbies and veterans


Earn an extra second income safely


You will no longer be at the bookies mercy


Bet at your convenience, as per your budget

You don’t have to:


Improve your strike rate with my push button, plug and play formula


Get the professional edge in punting


Works perfectly for newbies and veterans

All you need to do is:

Improve your strike rate with my push button, plug and play formula

Get the professional edge in punting

Works perfectly for newbies and veterans

Check out another Amazing Selector results period where we made +£1,190.88 in only seven-days:

15/12/2022 (1/1 Winners +£45.00)

15/12/2022 - 13:10 Ffos Las - Up For Appeal 14/1 - VOID - Race Cancelled

15/12/2022 - 13:45 Ffos Las - To Be Sure 27/2 - VOID - Race Cancelled

15/12/2022 - 15:48 Ffos Las - Out Of Focus 39/5 - VOID - Race Cancelled

15/12/2022 - 16:05 Southwell - Havana By The Sea 14/1 - PLACED +£45.00

14/12/2022 (3/4 Winners +£420.00)

14/12/2022 - 14:45 Dundalk - Lisieux 11/1 - PLACED @ 10/1 +£37.50

14/12/2022 - 15:25 Lingfield - Overstate 21/1 - LOST -£50

14/12/2022 - 15:30 Kempton - Satin Snake 7/1 - WON @ 14/1 +£420.00

14/12/2022 - 17:00 Kempton - Thunder Ball 7/1 - PLACED @ 15/2 +£12.50

13/12/2022 (2/3 Winners +£117.50)

13/12/2022 - 12:43 Southwell - Dubai Jeanius 33/5 - PLACED @ 11/2 +£2.50

13/12/2022 - 15:45 Wolverhampton - Busby 23/5 - WON @ 11/2 +£165.00

13/12/2022 - 16:45 Wolverhampton - The Resdev Way 10/1 - LOST -£50

12/12/2022 (2/4 Winners +£470.00)

12/12/2022 - 12:12 Lingfield - Molly Valentine 10/1 - WON @ 7/1 +£210.00

12/12/2022 - 13:42 Lingfield - Chagall 44/5 - LOST -£50

12/12/2022 - 14:45 Dundalk - La Tulipe Noire 9/1 - WON @ 12/1 +£360.00

12/12/2022 - 15:20 Lingfield - Laurentia 9/1 - LOST -£50

11/12/2022 (2/3 Winners +£47.50)

11/12/2022 - 12:23 Southwell - Kilganer Queen 16/1 - PLACED +£75.00

11/12/2022 - 13:23 Southwell - Champetre 41/5 - PLACED +£22.50

11/12/2022 - 14:20 Cork - Master Mcshee 8/1 - LOST -£50

10/12/2022 (1/1 Winners +£5.88)

10/12/2022 - 13:09 Newcastle - Crownthorpe 19/2 - VOID - Race Cancelled

10/12/2022 - 13:57 Hereford - Stoners Choice 15/1 - VOID - Race Cancelled

10/12/2022 - 16:30 Newcastle - Diocles Of Rome 36/5 - VOID - Race Cancelled

10/12/2022 - 18:20 Wolverhampton - King Charles 21/2 - PLACED @ 7/1 +£5.88

09/12/2022 (1/2 Winners +£35.00)

09/12/2022 - 15:00 Cheltenham - Lively Citizen 25/2 - VOID - Non-Runner

09/12/2022 - 19:15 Southwell - Motawaafeq 20/1 - PLACED @ 22/1 +£85.00

09/12/2022 - 20:00 Dundalk - Capuchinero 10/1 - LOST -£50

12 winners - 6 losers - 7 voided - 66.66% win-rate over 7-days period.

+£1,190.88 in only seven-days

Amazing Selector is timeless, ageless like the beauty of Cleopatra

Generally, even the good systems give excellent results for a short while, and then, bookies tweak up their ways to make your system useless.

Remember, bookies make money only when you lose. They will soon find loopholes in your system to ensure that you don’t take home profits.

My Amazing Selector is based on a spreadsheet formula. And that’s the reason it is timeless and ageless like Cleopatra. It is simply matchless!

You can now spend your entire life earning TAX-FREE punting profits...

It Takes Just THREE Easy Steps:



You get your value bets from Amazing Selector



Average odds of 11/2 - 17/1 (3-4 bets per day)



Cash out HUGE profits from your bookmaker

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much money do I need to invest everyday?

Answer: You can start with as little as £0.20 per bet using bookmakers like betfair.

Q2. How much time do I need to spend each day using this service?

Answer: The Amazing Selector selections are sent to you every day via email, just open your inbox and place the bet sent everyday. It takes no more than one - two minutes to place the bets every day.

Q3. Will I win every day?

Answer: No, it is unrealistic to expect to win everyday. There will be periods with lots of winners and periods with less winners. As we focus on well-priced horses, we tend to always end each month with a profit and some months a substantial profit.

Q4. How many selections does Amazing Selector provide each day?

Answer: Amazing Selector will send you 3-4 selections on a daily basis. We recommend to Each Way the bets but you can also bet to WIN for higher returns but higher risk.

Q5. What about Customer Support?

Answer: The Amazing Selector dedicated customer support team will be at your beck and call. Just send in an email into with your query, and you will be answered asap or within 12-24 hours.

Ok, but how much do I pay for your magical formula?

Amazing Selector is a treasure. It is priceless. Tell me how much would you be willing to pay for a system that earns you safe profits for a lifetime? 

Don’t stop reading. I am not going to ask it’s true worth, or even 1/10th of it’s true worth. Why? As I told you earlier, I am a racing enthusiast; I don’t sell systems for a living. My bread and butter comes from punting.

I agreed to launch Amazing Selector as a service due to teaming up with the Best System Bets platform and only because some of my die hard fans insisted I do it, and there’s no way I could dishonour their request.


I want you to take my offer seriously and unlike 95% of vendors I am willing to let you test-drive my service for the next 3-months with no strings-attached!

So I will offer you full three-months for only £39.95!
That is an incredible deal and you get to see just how valuable my service can be!


Let’s break the Bookies bank together

I know what you must be thinking. No, this is not one of the over hyped systems. I don’t want you to risk your hard earned money.

Test-drive my service for the next 3-months or secure a MASSIVE discount.


My 10% discount will only be available for a short-period of time.


I want to join the Amazing Selector and I agree to the terms.

Only £59.95 £39.95 for the next 3 Months or get an Annual or Lifetime Discount!

Only £59.95 £39.95 quarterly / £119.95 £79.95 per year or £199 £119 for Lifetime Access

The discount options will only be available for a short-time only

"My billing statement will show a charge from ClickNetPro LTD, If I take any of the subscription options I can cancel the service at any time"

Punting is not a straight foward game, and to win, it needs more than luck or some tipster. It needs a sophisticated mathematical approach.


You have tried several systems, guides, ebooks… Nothing worked! Why? Because punting is a number game. Unless you do the maths right, you cannot expect to win. With my spreadsheet formula, you will finally see a new sun shining in the horizon, a sun that never sets!

From now on, your betting account will surge, and you will not have to worry about paying your bills, or your loan installments…

Instead of wasting time in old, loss making ways, come on take action and get Amazing Selector. You can start earning steady, TAX FREE returns starting today, even if you have absolutely no knowledge of horse racing.

If you need help with betting or have questions, send in an email here.

All queries will be answered within 24 hours.

Come on, put your right foot forward, and get going!

To your betting success,

David Croft aka Crofty the Crafty Punter -

P.S: Horse race betting is a serious number game, based on several complex factors. It’s like one huge matrix, and is much more complicated and intertwined.  The only way to resolve this matrix is to use my mathematical formula. No system and guide can ever give you results like Amazing Selector.


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